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June 2018 Newsletter: New Products Alert!!

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Hello G³ Naturals Family!!! The months of April & May have be a true blessing for us. We are truly appreciative of all the love that you have been giving to G³ Naturals. We are excited yet again to announce that we are adding two more products into the G³ lineup.

8 oz. Hair Bathe Balancing Shampoo PIC DS.png

Introducing G³ Naturals Hair Bathe Balancing Shampoo!! G³ Hair Bathe is a shampoo that is a unique blend of needed protein and moisture in one shampoo.

 Hair Bathe Balancing Shampoo cleanses the hair of impurities with African Black Soap without stripping the hair with its unique blend of herb infused oil and essential oils. Hair Bathe will provide shine with continued use. 

Hair Bathe will relax you with the refreshing scent of peppermint.

Hair Bathe is on the G³ Naturals website for $19.99 for 8 oz. of wonderful goodness for your hair. 

Introducing G³ Naturals Cleanse Me!! Cleanse Me Moisturizing Body Wash is a creamy body wash that leaves your skin clean without stripping it of its moisture. Cleanse Me is great for anyone because it lacks all of the harmful ingredients that most big brand companies put into their body washes.

Cleanse Me will take you away to a tropical oasis with its island fragrance.

Cleanse Me is on the G³ Naturals website for $19.99 for 10 oz. of yummy goodness for your body. 

We are super excited to add these to our lineup of all-natural, vegan handcrafted products. So don't be shy, go and buy with confidence that your hair and skin will thank you later.

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