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The Indulgence Pamper Set

The Indulgence Pamper Set


The Indulgence Pamper Set consists of the G³ Naturals Body Polish and Body Frosting. This set provides your body with a youthful and radiance appearance all while providing the ultimate amount of needed moisture.  

G³ Naturals Body Polish - is a creamy, luxurious sugar scrub that exfoliates dead skin cells while leaving your skin silky smooth and moisturized. The Body Polish has a rich dark sultry scent of vanilla beans with a note of creamy buttercream.

G³ Naturals Body Frosting - is an ultra-moisturizing thick body butter blended to perfection. Body Frosting is moisturizing like a cream, but as healing as a butter. It is enriched with skin nourishing oils, butters and a unique essential oil blend that will leave your skin thanking you.The Body Frosting has a sweet juicy citrus fragrance with a bass note of rich dark sultry vanilla beans.

Both products come in 8 ounces. 

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